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AMS Cash Flow Modeller

03 December 2018

The brand new AMS Cash Flow Modeller is now live on the AMS Adviser portal. You can access the cash flow modeller through the AMS Dashboard once logged in. The cash flow modeller is a new addition to AMS and allows you as the adviser to walk your client through their income and outgoings to help model their financial future in retirement.


After collecting your clients basic info and current expenses the tool then looks at your clients assets, savings and pension. It then gathers info on your clients income pre and post retirement factoring in the clients state pension details. Finally the tool allows you to enter relevant retirement products to the client and then models their future using a series of astute assumptions. Once calculated the system produces several helpful graphs and a complete year by year breakdown in the form of a table.


This is a new tool to AMS so we encourage you to please login to AMS and try it and we welcome your feedback.