AMS Annuity Adviser System


introducing the free
annuity quote portal

AMS is a free to use annuity adviser tool ofering standard and impared life quotes from all major providers. The UK's most advanced annuity adviser tool with the ability to talk to providers and interact with your clients.

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Annuity Rates Service


we can tell you when rates
have changed even before the providers.

Early each morning our systems get quotes from the annuity providers. By comparing the results we receive with the figures from the previous morning, we are able to identify whether a rate change has occurred and will send you an automated email.

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Online Common Quotation Form


keeping the client in control

The Annuity Exchange's online Common Quotation Form allows you to get whole of market annuity quotes based on the full health form. Allowing your client to fill in the form themselves online, our Common Quotation Form ensures that the health information used is accurate and complete.

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Solutions for Annuity and Pension Providers

The Annuity Exchange offers a number of software solutions for annuity providers including quote engine implementation and vesting processes.

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Solutions for Intermediaries

A number of pre-built and bespoke annuity solutions are available to intermediaries to improve client interaction and streamlined processes.

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