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About Retirement Systems

About Us

“Starting in 1999 Ecom Group Technology was formed to take on bespoke financial software development. When retirement income became the bulk of the workload Ecom became the Annuity Exchange.”

After 8 years of excellent growth and with the event of pension freedoms the Annuity Exchange rebranded again to become Retirement Systems. Originally specialising specifically in Annuities but now offering end to end systems which encompassed all types of retirement income.

Retirement Systems is now providing software to both sides of the retirement industry. We are providing software to financial advisory's such as Key Retirement and LEBC who have bespoke versions of our advice platform AMS. We also provide solutions for employee benefits giants such as Aon as well as systems for the insurers such as the Hodge Lifetime’s calculation engine and a number of tools and services for LV=, L&G, Aviva, Canada Life and others.

We are also responsible for the distribution of price and rate data for the industry providing data and analysis to Blackrock, FTSE and more.