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March Updates

25 March 2019

Our Change of Name

If we have not had chance to speak to you in person over the last 2 months then you may not be aware but we are currently in the process of changing our official company name from the Annuity Exchange to Retirement Systems. There are a number of reasons for the switch the key reason being we wanted a name to reflect that we do so much more than annuities. But rest assured it is the same ownership the same people and the same great software. If you have any questions or concerns about this please get in touch.

Cash Flow Modeller

Now integrated into AMS Retirement is our new retirement focused cash flow modeller. It had been mentioned to us by several clients that with the emergence of pension freedoms there was a need to accurately map out the effect of different options on a retirees income. We are pleased to say you can now do this for free on AMS Retirement. The cash flow modeller is available on the home page of AMS Retirement.

Life Expectancy

More than ever, determining a retiree’s life expectancy has become a vital part of retirement planning. You may have noticed that we are now displaying a life expectancy figure on the AMS Retirement results screen. This uses Office of National Statistics (ONS) data as well as the impairment level of the client to determine the figure. We will soon be releasing a very quick widget that allows IFA’s to enter basic info and receive an ONS driven report to add to that clients file and can be bespoke branded to your firm. We have a number of other developments in this area and aim to offer the most comprehensive life expectancy system on the market. For more info stay tuned or get in touch.