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“The Aon Membersite is public facing and includes features such as the Retirement Options Report. The Cash Flow Moddler, Fix Term and Drawdown quotes”

Aon Hewitt and Annuity Exchange have worked together for over 8 years with various products and services. Currently Aon Hewitt have two systems built by Annuity Exchange.

The first is a bespoke version of the AMS Retirement Portal, AMS Retirement is a platform for retirement based financial advisers. It allows them to manage their retiring clients and get quotes for various retirement income products.

Aon Hewitt’s version has been fully re-branded to Aon Hewitt and has various bespoke features such as client importing and reporting functionality.

The second system which is pictured below is their Aon Annuity Finder website which is a website for their scheme members to help plan their retirement. The website features lots of helpful advice as well as the ability to generate annuity quotes for themselves.

All the information obtained on the website is automatically sent through to the Aon Adviser platform so the Aon Annuity Team can immediately begin assisting the member.

Annuity Exchange has also assisted Aon Hewitt in providing bespoke re-designed versions of the Aon Annuity Finder for some of their large schemes.

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