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Hodge Lifetime Annuity Calculation Engine

Hodge Lifetime

“In 2010 Hodge Lifetime decided to enter the Annuity Market. They hired Retirement Systems to create the calculation engine that produced their rates.”

Due to our involvement in the industry with our quotation platform and our ability to consult on all retirement income technology matters. Hodge Lifetime saw Retirement Systems as the obvious choice to help them enter the Annuity Market.

Within 8 months we had created Hodge a fully functioning calculation engine that was live to advisers. We have also provided Hodge with a back end tool for their internal team and a public facing website for their online partners.

The calculation engine has been a huge success; Hodge are connected into all the industries retirement portals. Hodge up to this point have successfully created thousands of annuities for customers. The system has a 99.9% up time with zero extended moments of unscheduled downtime in its 8 years of being live.

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