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Key Retirement

“Key Retirement needed a microsite integrated with their main website to produce a bespoke guide for retirees and was fully integrated with an adviser platform”

In early 2015 Key Retirement approached Annuity Exchange to help them completely transform their IT retirement software. Key Retirement required a new public facing quotation web site, a new platform for their call takers and advisors, but most importantly they wanted a way to help retirees in the post-budget landscape.

With the new pension freedoms announced at the end of 2014 it was important that companies such as Key Retirement took the lead in helping customers understand the new rules. As well as needing to perform all their previous tasks, the system was required to produce a bespoke retirement options report designed by Key Retirement and unique to every client.

The system works by asking a handful of questions and then producing a raft of real-time quotes for various products. The report summarises each option available and outlines the positives and negatives of each.

The system has been an enormous success and has led to Key Retirement being the first advisory in the UK offering this service free of charge to wide acclaim.

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