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LEBC The Retirement Adviser

Bespoke AMS Portal with PIE System & Client Importing

LEBC The Retirement Adviser

“LEBC have a wide range of products developed by Retirement Systems. These include a PIE website, an adviser system and a quote system. They also have the ability to carry out batch quotes and bulk imports”

The Retirement Adviser division of the LEBC have been working with Retirement Systems for over 8 years. Initially we built them a lead generation public facing retirement quote website but in the last 3 years this has grown into an end to end PIE solution. The system allows LEBC to import a large list of clients, create a quote for each client and provide each client with a login to use with the PIE website. LEBC also use our API with their own system EPS.

LEBC also have a bespoke version of the AMS Retirement Platform. This allows their internal adviser team to work on all types of retirement income cases for their clients. Their bespoke version of AMS features Retirement Options Reports, batch quoting, Income driven, Drawdown, Fix Term, Bulk Import and more.

We are currently working with LEBC to produce a new bespoke health form system.

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